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A simple and free pop-up module for Joomla! 3 with the ability to display an image or url.

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Why this module is for you?


Just a few clicks and your free pop-up is ready. No programming. No complicated configuration.

Image or iframe

Display an image or url in iframe depending on your needs.


No unnecessary scripts or code when pop-up is hidden.

Easy Configuration

Chose a pop-up type, image or url and publish it. That's all. You can enjoy a pop-up on your website.


1. Select the image to display in the pop-up
2. Select any position of the module (This is required for the pop-up to be displayed)
3. Assign to a menu item. Select where you want the pop-up to be displayed, on the whole page or only on the selected subpage.

Pop-ups for one page or the whole website

You can create a pop-up for a single page, multiple pages or the whole website.

The display for a single session or a visitor

You can set up your pop-up for a single session or visitor and set the number of days when the pop-up should show up again.

Activate on scroll

The pop-up window can be activated on reaching end of page or just scrolling a certain distance in pixels.

Activate on every page view

You can set your pop-up to be triggered on every page view so everyone can see your promotion and a critical message.