A Joomla! plug-in showing administration toolbar on front-end saving time on common content management tasks.

3.9+, 4.1+
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What do you get?

Faster management

With the help of the toolbar you can find the content you want to edit just while browsing the front-end. It can save you hours of management time that can be spent on new content.

Modules preview

The plug-in is equipped with the modules preview switch that allows to you immediately find what is a module and what is a part of a component. No more looking trough dozens of poorly named modules.

Build for Joomla! 3 and 4

Plug-in is shipped with both Joomla! 3 and Joomla! 4 installation packages and fully compatible with Joomla! API. That way you can use it on every Joomla! instance.

Joomla! build-in components support

BP Toolbar supports Joomla! build-in extensions:

  • Menu
  • Content (Articles)
  • Categories
  • Contact
  • Modules

Modules preview

Plug-in introduces an on-demand modules location preview mode. By the touch of a button you see where all the modules are located and go straight to the module edit page by clicking the module.

Third party components support

BP Toolbar is build to be expandable. You can use use build-in integrations or write your own plug-in creating support for your own extensions.


Currently it supports:

  • SP PageBuilder

Integrations available soon:

  • JEvents
  • Phoca Gallery
  • Convert Forms
  • J2 Store
  • HikaShop
  • JDownloads
  • Phoca Download
  • BP Gallery

License and updates

This software is delivered under GNU/GPL 3 license. One license allows you to legally use this software on 3 Joomla! installations. One license also provides you with 1 year of free updates that you will receive by e-mail.



Category management
Category management
Modules location preview
Modules location preview
SP PageBuilder support
SP PageBuilder support


  • PHP 7.2.5+ (For Joomla! 4 version)
  • PHP 5.6+ (For Joomla! 3 version)



Added module positions preview function and SP PageBuilder support.


Port to Joomla! 4.


Initial release.